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Facilitator webinar series

Grow professionally and network with fellow facilitators from across the region and beyond through MAFN's Facilitator Webinar Series!  This exciting schedule of live interactive and collaborative educational webinars connects participants with facilitation experts from around the world.

Webinars begin promptly at 9:00am or 12:00PM Eastern Time, depending on the topic of the event.

Upcoming Webinars

About the MAFN Facilitator Webinar Series:

The MAFN Facilitation Webinar strives to provide you with:
  • A brief overview of a topic and an interactive experience where you'll be contributing and sharing with each other, while learning tips and tricks from our presenters - a true "web-seminar“
  • General knowledge and exposure to emerging ideas and techniques from various fields to help you expand your facilitation skills
  • A collaborative educational experience to help you connect and learn with other facilitators from around the world

Registering and Cost

  • Every live webinar is a FREE benefit for MAFN members, but you must register beforehand to participate. 
  • Please note that there is a fee for non-members to participate. 
  • There will be no refunds or credits for webinar registration cancellations.

What to expect

  • Approximately 1-2 days prior to each webinar, registered participants will receive instructions for joining the live Zoom webinar session.
  • Make sure to download the Zoom app before attending your first webinar
  • Webinars begin promptly at 9:00am or 12:00PM Eastern Time, depending on the topic of the event.   We recommend you log-in to the website 15 minutes prior to confirm your audio and Internet connections.
  • We recommend rebooting your computer about 10-15 minutes prior to joining one of MAFN's webinars to prevent software and browser conflicts.

Webinar Recordings and Post-Webinar Documents

  • A link to the webinar recordings, chat contents, and any handouts is sent to all registrants approximately 1-2 weeks after the webinar.
  • MAFN members can also access past recordings of webinars here.

JOIN MAFN now and gain access to all our previous webinars listed below!

Upcoming events

    • 06/24/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online using Zoom
    • 10

    After a quick look at how to set up different polls (Mentimeter and Slido, and others, if the experience is in the room), we would like to talk about different ways to use these poll websites: as an icebreaker, as a tool to check the knowledge in the group or even a tool to ‘harvest’ conversations. 

    • Come open to learning 

    • Not expert led - will be hosted by peers with space to learn from all

    • Bring your questions, share your expertise

    • Sessions will not be recorded inorder to create a safe learning space.

    • If you register and cannot attend, please cancel to allow someone else to come.
    • Registration closes at midnight the day before the discussion group.
    • Registered participants will receive instructions for joining the live session and any additional details 1 day in advance and the morning of the event. Please be sure to look for the link in your email.
    • MAFN CoP discussions will not be recorded in order to support space for learning.
    For registration or membership questions contact info@mafn.org.

    Please note that this is for MAFN members only and there is limited space, so please register early. 

    • 06/25/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online using Zoom

    Duration: 3-hour workshop (includes a little networking time)

    About the workshop:

    For the final session in this MAFN workshop cycle, we’ll be doing some real hands-on work on networking, icebreakers, and trust-builders – while also making sure participants get to network with each other. It’s learn-by-doing!

    For both facilitators and participants alike, “icebreakers” are a dirty word, often met with exasperated groans and eye rolls. And it’s much the same with networking and trust-building activities. This reaction is often merited as they are frequently silly and nonsensical, not advancing a gathering’s objectives and not building trust and connection. However, icebreakers and networking activities play an important role in meetings; they help set a tone, bond a group, and apply a social lubricant that pays dividends throughout the rest of the meeting.

    We’ll be using some real scenarios that should resonate with the facilitation work you do – both online and in-person. Participants will work to apply best practices of meeting design and audience engagement while applying their own facilitation knowledge and style to solve some real-world icebreaker scenarios. Our goal is to help everyone see new and different ways to approach a meeting and quickly create trust and connection among the participants.  

    You’ll be working in small groups and have a chance to interact with and learn from your facilitator peers. You’ll get a chance to laugh, think, share – and avoid those exasperated sighs!

    Learning Objectives 

    Participants will:

    • Understand the application of a social risk ladder when using icebreakers and networking activities.

    • Learn three techniques to improve your meetings with appropriate icebreakers, networking activities and trust-builders.

    • Simulate how to adapt icebreakers and networking activities to online or in-person events.

    • Meet 4-6 facilitation colleagues, learning from their own expertise and approaches.

    This is a 3-hour online workshop. It will take place from 12:00pm to 3pm EST.


    Lee Gimpel

    Lee Gimpel is the founder ofBetter Meetings, a meeting facilitation, training and design firm in Washington, DC. He's an expert on improving meetings by making them more productive, engaging – and fun. Better Meetings works on meetings and conferences for associations, companies and government agencies. He also created the Conference Organizers Summit for event producers. Formerly, as Director of Development for LifeWise Strategies, he spent a decade overseeing the training/education company’s products that helped organizations develop better programs, more authentic client connections, and dynamic classes. There, he worked with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and the USMC. Previously, he worked in the training/knowledgebase department at Capital One and started his career as a software product manager. His work blends facilitation, audience engagement, and human-centered design. He co-leads the Washington, DC community of practice for Liberating Structures facilitators.

    Dawn Rhine, CPF™, CVF™, MBTI® Certified

    Dawn Rhine, founder of Synergy Forces, is an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator™ with commitment to helping groups reach their best outcomes through focused collaboration—both in person and online.  Dawn is trained and proficient in group dynamics and group process facilitation, serving associations, government, educational institutions, and corporate clients.  After 20 years prior experience as a management executive, Dawn launched Synergy Forces in 2005, helping clients achieve their purpose for such objectives as strategic planning, scenario planning, partnering, action planning, and team communication. This typically incorporates insightful quantitative and qualitative research to include survey administration, interviewing, intercepts, or focus group moderation.  Successfully facilitating/co-facilitating hundreds of engagements, Dawn utilizes a unique blend of methodologies, thoroughness, and adaptability.  This results in more cooperative, efficient, and effective results.  Also, Dawn has been a MAFN member since 2005 and served as a MAFN Board member from 2009-2013.


    • No refunds or credits for registration cancellations.
    • Registration closes at midnight the day before the workshop.
    • Registered participants will receive instructions for joining the live session and any additional details 1 day in advance and the morning of the event. Please be sure to look for the link in your email.
    • Workshops begin promptly at 12:00PM EST.  Please log on at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure your internet connections, audio and other settings are functioning properly.
    • MAFN Members have access to all online workshop recordings via the MAFN website.
    • For registration or membership questions contact info@mafn.org.

Past events

06/11/2021 MAFN's June 11th Online Workshop: Thrive as a Facilitator with a Self-Care Mindset
06/08/2021 MAFN CoP - Racial Justice CoP: Equality, Equity, and Justice in Facilitation (Members Only)
05/25/2021 MAFN CoP - Road Testing Butter (a Zoom Alternative) (Members Only)
05/21/2021 MAFN's May 21st Online Workshop: The Creative Force of Resistance - a Gestalt Perspective for Working with Groups
05/19/2021 MAFN CoP - Up Your Facilitation Game Through Positive Intelligence (Members Only)
05/07/2021 MAFN's May 7th Online Workshop: Roadmaps for Large Group Interventions
04/23/2021 MAFN's April 23rd Online Workshop: The Power of Stories in Bringing Values to Life: How to harness the power of an organization's values and those of its people through values based conversations
04/22/2021 MAFN CoP- Simple (use of) Whiteboards (Members Only)
04/09/2021 MAFN's April 9th Online Workshop: Exploring Strategies for Hybrid and In-Person Facilitation
04/06/2021 MAFN CoP- Racial Justice- Seeing White: How Race was Made
03/26/2021 MAFN's March 26th Online Workshop: MURAL Facilitator Master Class
03/25/2021 MAFN CoP- Getting comfortable hosting in MS Teams (Members Only)
03/24/2021 MAFN's Conversation on Facilitation CoP: Leading with Dignity by Donna Hicks (Members Only) Part 2
03/12/2021 MAFN March 12th Online Workshop: How to Conquer Technology Distraction and Burnout: Be More Present for Yourself and The Organizations You Serve
03/10/2021 MAFN's Conversation on Facilitation CoP: Leading with Dignity by Donna Hicks (Members Only) - Part 1
02/26/2021 MAFN's February 26th Online Workshop: Fostering Self-Discovery
02/12/2021 New Year, New You: Tune Up Your Online Presence for Work in 2021 - February 12th Online Workshop
02/02/2021 Racial Justice CoP: Members Only Discussion on Caste: Our Origins of Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson
01/29/2021 Let’s Play Games - Unique and Engaging Ways to Build Teams and Increase Engagement - January 29th Online Workshop
01/15/2021 Level Up Your Virtual Facilitation Studio - January 15th Online Workshop
12/11/2020 Facilitating Cheer During the Holidaze - December 11th Online Workshop
12/02/2020 Book Club - Every Day Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgements in Our Daily Lives, by Howard Ross
11/20/2020 Using Team Roles and Archetypal Coaching to Elevate the Performance of Teams and Groups
11/06/2020 Strategic Communications (powered by Mural) - November 6th Webinar
10/16/2020 Strategic Communications (powered by Mural) - October 16th Webinar
09/25/2020 Racial Justice Foundations: Tips and Tactics for All Facilitators - September 25th Webinar
06/19/2020 Quick Quick What Do I Say: Facilitating and Improvisation - June 19th Webinar
06/12/2020 Virtual Brunch with MAFN
05/22/2020 Liberating Structures in Virtual Meetings - May 22nd Webinar
05/08/2020 Building Strong Remote Teams in Challenging Times - May 8th Webinar
04/24/2020 The Focused Conversation: Structure Meaningful Conversations - April 24th Webinar
04/10/2020 Technology Tools for Facilitation - April 10th Webinar
03/27/2020 Learn to Lightning Decision Jam
03/13/2020 Lettering for Facilitators and Trainers
02/14/2020 Listen like a Pro
01/10/2020 6 Steps to Creating Great Slides
12/06/2019 Connecting Workplace Culture Patterns to Your Facilitation
11/05/2019 Learn the Design Sprint Process
10/11/2019 You Need to Sell, But You Don’t Want to be a “Salesperson"
09/20/2019 Reframing Challenging Comments: A Simple but Powerful Conflict Resolution Technique for Facilitators
08/23/2019 Bringing Improv Into Online & Virtual & Facilitation
06/14/2019 Raising your Other IQ, the Innovation Quotient: An Overview of What Facilitators Should Know about Creativity and Innovation
05/15/2019 Designing and Using Visual Templates
04/24/2019 Making Your Good Stuff Better
03/22/2019 Just Relationships
12/21/2018 A Thousand Mile Journey: Continuous Improvement and the Agile Retrospective
11/30/2018 What Really Makes Us Tick? Using A Story-based Framework to Assess Individual and Group Motivation
11/02/2018 IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator Virtual Panel
05/11/2018 How to Calculate and Communicate the Return on Investment of Facilitation to your Clients
04/13/2018 Liminal Facilitation: Using the Gateway to the Unconsciousness to Increase Collaboration and Creativity
03/09/2018 The Emotionally Intelligent Facilitator
02/09/2018 Masterful Facilitation: Discovering the strengths of your unique style
01/19/2018 Virtual Facilitation: Share Your Favorite Tools for Facilitating Remote Groups
12/08/2017 How to Become an Edutainor - a New Trick for your Facilitator Toolbox
10/13/2017 The Power of PowerPoint: A Visual Approach for Engaging Facilitation
07/14/2017 Facilitated Discussion Session: Refreshing the MAFN Facilitator Webinar Series – facilitated by Megan Primeau
06/09/2017 Growing the Pie: Working Together to Increase the Number of Meetings that Engage Professional Facilitators – presented by Robin Camarote & Bill Fischer
05/12/2017 Change Forever the Way You Facilitate: Applying Neuroscience Breakthroughs to Transform Your Work – presented by Jim White
04/07/2017 Finding Better Solutions, One Conversation At a Time — presented by Marion Langford
03/10/2017 Become a Facilitating Genius — presented by John Lesko, CPF, ACC
02/10/2017 Become a Reflective Practitioner: Join the Conversation and Reflect on the Ethics and Values that form the Foundation of Your Facilitation Practice - presented by Kimberly Bain
01/13/2017 Fingerpainting Online: Experiments in Synchronous Multimodality with Nancy White
12/02/2016 Theming and Harvesting - an Essential Facilitation Skill Enabled by Technology, presented by Michael Randel
10/14/2016 Mindfulness and Facilitation: A virtual Open Space, presented by Charlie Rebich
06/10/2016 Stakeholder Management: Finding Strategies Along a Path of Resistance, presented by Linda Howard
05/06/2016 Showcase 2016:Three latest Resources to Rock Your Facilitator's Toolkit, presented by Marian Pitters
04/08/2016 Everything You Need to Know to Become a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) [Informational Webinar]
03/10/2016 Using Technology for Facilitation Planning and Design: Do It Easily with TrainedOn, presented by Robert Cserti
02/04/2016 A Clean Language Approach to Facilitation presented by Caitlin Walker
01/08/2016 The Neuroscience of Infographics: Why They Work and How to Make Them Work by Margie Meacham
12/11/2015 Individual Peak Brain Performance Leads to Peak Group Performance by Dr. David Hardy and Nancy Walters
10/09/2015 The Future of Work and Implications for Facilitators by Dana Roberts
05/08/2015 Getting to the Other Side of Conflict: Facilitating Difficult Conversations by Dianne Lipsey and Shayne Julius
04/10/2015 Now What? Experiential Agendas by Dorothy Strachan
03/13/2015 Advancing Facilitation Through Technology with panelists Nancy White, Amy Lenzo, and Nancy Settle-Murphy and moderator, Michael Randel
02/06/2015 Moments of Impact: Designing and Facilitating Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change by Lisa Kay Solomon
01/23/2015 CPF Information: Overview on Becoming a Certified Professional Facilitator
12/05/2014 Dynamic Facilitation: From Conflict to Creative Collaboration by Rosa Zubizarreta
11/06/2014 Play Open Cards! And Power Up Your Teamwork by Jeroen Blijsie and Gunilla Blijsie
10/02/2014 Speak Up?! Encouraging Dissent to Improve Decision Making by Abby Yanow
09/05/2014 Navigating Citizen Dialogue and Deliberation Practices with NCDD by Sandy Heierbacher
06/13/2014 Facilitating Meetings with Remote Teams: Some Thoughts and an Experiment by Dave Gray
04/10/2014 Take Me to Your Leader: Facilitating Multi-organization Collaborative Processes by Penny Walker, CPF
03/14/2014 World Cafe and the Pattern Language of Online Engagement by Amy Lenzo
02/07/2014 Liberating Structures for Knowledge Sharing by Nancy White
01/17/2014 Expanding the Scope of Facilitation Engagements: Helping Clients Optimize Improvement Opportunities by Gene Bacher
12/05/2013 Take Me to Your Leader: Facilitating Multi-organization Collaborative Processes by Penny Walker, CPF
10/04/2013 The Power of Polarity Thinking by Jean Porto and Cliff Kayser
09/13/2013 The Ethical Responsibilities of the Facilitator by Mark Haas, CMC
05/03/2013 The Success Factors: A Client-Facilitator Relationship that Works by Barb Sweazey, CPF
04/12/2013 Planning and Facilitating Virtual Meetings by Nancy Settle-Murphy, CPF
03/08/2013 Exploring A Method: The Interrelationship Digraph by Dana Roberts
02/08/2013 When Numbers Soar: Working with participant numbers in the hundreds (or thousands) by Gillian Martin Mehers CPF
01/18/2013 Facilitating Shared Understanding and Commitment: A Case Study of the Powernoodle Meeting App by Michael Randel, CPF
11/30/2012 Focus Groups: A Facilitator's Primer by Paul Cooper, CPF
10/12/2012 Evaluating Facilitated Processes: From Pain to Pleasure by Marian Pitters

Ideas About Future MAFN Webinar Topics and/or Presenters

Do you have some thoughts about possible future MAFN webinar topics?

  • You attended a workshop somewhere else and thought to yourself, "this would be a great workshop for MAFN members!" 
  • There's a facilitation technique or subject you'd like to know more about?
  • You've seen a really engaging presenter you want to tell us about.
  • There's a topic you would like to present!
Let us know!

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