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Dynamic Facilitation: From Conflict to Creative Collaboration by Rosa Zubizarreta

  • 12/05/2014
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online using Adobe Connect


  • Members of the Asheville Creative Facilitator Meetup

Dynamic Facilitation was first created by Jim Rough as a way to help teams address “impossible-to-solve” problems by tapping into a team’s creativity to arrive at practical solutions through collective “aha” moments (breakthroughs). A strength of this process is its ability to work with participants as they are – people are neither required to adhere to an advanced set of ground rules, nor learn new ways of communication in order to engage with one another. Instead, the facilitator’s very active yet non-directive role welcomes participants’ advocacy, while at the same time creating a safe environment for transformation. 

In contrast to many facilitation models, in using Dynamic Facilitation the facilitator does not attempt to guide or steer the process. Instead, the facilitator listens deeply to each participant in turn, actively drawing out contributions, and actively welcoming initial solutions. In addition, the facilitator creates a shared map by recording all of the various ideas, perspectives, problem statements, and concerns.  As participants experience being fully heard, their attention naturally begins to expand and to explore the larger picture that is unfolding instead of remaining narrowly focused on their initial perspectives. They discover meaningful patterns, make sense of conflicting information, and create new possibilities. 

In this webinar, participants will gain a better understanding of Dynamic Facilitation, including:

  • The Dynamic Facilitation process.
  • How Dynamic Facilitation differs from other facilitation processes.   
  • The strengths and potential limitations of Dynamic Facilitation.    
  • How conflict can be used as potential creative energy.
  • The value of allowing for an emergent flow.
  • How to help people shift from defensiveness to engagement.    

Rosa Zubizarreta is the author of From Conflict to Creative Collaboration, a detailed user’s guide on Dynamic Facilitation for organizational consultants, facilitators, and mediators. As founder of DiaPraxis, Rosa enjoys helping leaders and groups work productively with conflicting perspectives. She also enjoys sharing her expertise with others, and developing organizational and community capacity in this area.    

With a background in Organization Development, Rosa has worked with a broad assortment of group modalities. She is comfortable with more traditional approaches such as Action Research, and with more dialogical approaches such as Future Search, Open Space, World Café, and Dynamic Facilitation. 

In addition to working with business, community, and non-profit organizations, Rosa's background includes clinical social work and education reform. She is a certified Focusing professional, an experienced Heart IQ coach, and collaborates with Dynamic Facilitation Associates

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