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Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network

Call for Facilitators
MAFN 2023-2024 Workshop Season

MAFN Call for Facilitators is OPEN! 

Consider this as a year of adventure, experimentation, and discovery! Thanks to feedback from our members, we are open to new, creative ideas for this year!

The MAFN Professional Development Team invites you to submit one or more proposals for the 2023-2024 workshop season which runs from September 2023 through June 2024.  

Traditionally, we have held 90-minute online workshops (free for MAFN members) and 3-hour workshops (paid with a discount for members). Our 3-hour workshops were in-person until March 2020 and have been online since then.

Throughout this year’s strategic planning process, we have held listening sessions with our members and, based on feedback from members, we are making changes to our programming structure starting in September 2023.

For 2023-2024, online, in-person and hybrid options will be considered.  In-person and hybrid programs will be dependent upon finding a suitable and affordable venue. If you plan to propose an in-person or hybrid session and you know of a suitable venue for your session, please include information about the venue in your proposal. PLEASE NOTE: In-person/hybrid events will require the speaker(s) to attend in-person prep sessions at the venue.

We invite proposals for one or more of the following types of programs:

    • Single Online Workshops*: 

    • Monthly online events will remain free for members. We will consider traditional workshops, Mastermind sessions, and other formats. There are many formats this could take and we welcome creative approaches. We require that online workshops last for at least 90 minutes, but will consider longer formats as well. In addition, all monthly online workshops will begin with 10-15 minutes of structured networking, facilitated by the MAFN host. 

*Any facilitator (or two-person team) who presents a single online workshop will be offered a free MAFN membership/renewal.

    • Single in-person/hybrid workshops**:

    • MAFN members have expressed interest in attending in-person/hybrid events. However, MAFN does not currently have a consistent venue for in-person or hybrid workshops. Selection of in-person/hybrid proposals will depend on identification of an appropriate, available, and affordable venue. PLEASE NOTE: In-person/hybrid events will require the speaker(s) to attend in-person prep sessions at the venue. (If you have or know of an affordable venue suitable for MAFN workshops, please include that information as part of your proposal!) 

  • Series**:

  • Progressive Learning Series - We envision these to be multi-session series (e.g., 3-session series) where each session would build upon the previous session, offering participants an opportunity to explore a topic more deeply.  We envision offering a single price for the series. Each session could be 60 min to 2-hours in length.

  • Cohort/Mastermind Series on a specific issue/topic - We invite proposals to offer a longer-term, relationship-based, cohort learning opportunity to participants interested in specific issues/topics. This series could take many forms and we welcome creative approaches. 

**Since we know that these longer-term and/or in-person commitments can be a significant investment of a facilitator’s time, MAFN will consider a stipend and/or revenue-share option for facilitators who offer these types of learning cohort options. Details of the revenue-share will be negotiated separately with selected facilitators.

  • Other ideas? - If you have other creative ideas, please propose them! We are open to your creative and innovative ideas for offering new learning and practice and community-building opportunities for facilitators.  We are also interested in ideas for helping MAFN members connect with each other and build a stronger community.

If you would like to propose an alternative format or have a suggestion for an event that would help build community among MAFN members, please be sure to clearly articulate the value of the alternative format/idea in your workshop description when you submit your proposal.

NOTE: Proposals received by Wednesday, August 9, will be given priority consideration. After that, we will review proposals on a rolling basis until our calendar is filled.

Proposals are starting to come in already, so get yours in soon!

Be advised that MAFN events and workshops are NOT speeches or presentations. We are looking for highly engaging, interactive sessions – the kind that motivates participants to pay close attention and stay engaged. 

Content Focus for 2023-2024 Series

We welcome content that covers a wide range of skills, techniques, and processes related to facilitation. In response to member interest and as facilitators committed to helping groups reflect, converge, and act, we encourage sessions that focus on:

  • How to improve engagement and interactivity

  • Technical tools relating to facilitation

  • Techniques for ensuring accessibility

  • How facilitators can make best use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) options

  • Rethinking our roles and behaviors in furthering racial and social justice 

  • Culture Change

  • Topics around facilitating strategic planning

  • Methodologies and techniques

  • MAFN community-building

  • Building a stronger facilitation business

Please note that all online/hybrid workshops are recorded unless special arrangements are made with MAFN when scheduling the workshop. Recordings will be made available to workshop participants (and to all MAFN members via the password-protected MAFN website). 

If you have questions, please contact Linda Howard at

Be sure to see additional details about the MAFN audience and suggestions for a successful workshop in the Speaker Information Sheet.

Ready to submit a workshop proposal?


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