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Are you looking to hire a facilitator?

MAFN provides two ways for you to find a facilitator for your needs: 1) use our searchable database or 2) tell us what you are looking for and let our members respond to you.

MAFN's free searchable database allows you to page through the listings of MAFN members.  You can use the Advanced Search link to filter your search based on specific facilitator education, expertise, or certifications. Note: all of the information in this directory is maintained by the individual consultants and MAFN does not endorse any individual or organization listed.

If you would like to invite MAFN's members to review a project and express their interest directly to you, please fill out the request form by clicking the button below. 

Submit Your Request

The online response form ensure that you provide enough information to receive qualified responses but you can also send a general FAF Request to with a subject line of "FAF Request.

If you send an email, please ensure that you provide details about the nature of your request including the broad purpose of your meeting; location, timing and duration; the number of expected participants; and any other relevant information that will help the relevant facilitators respond to you.  Additionally, please indicate if this is a fee based project or if you are seeking pro-bono support

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