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Karen Mack, MSOD


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Mack, MSOD
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Karen Mack Management Consultants, LLC
District of Columbia

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Facilitator Expertise
  • Board of Directors and Focus Groups
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management / Issue Resolution
  • Diversity / Organizational Culture
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Team Building
  • Virtual Facilitation
Karen L. Mack, MSOD
Karen Mack Management Consultants, LLC - Bio
202) 546-0722 ∙

Organization Development Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer with more than 25 years facilitating change to increase effectiveness and strengthen talent within organizations. Key areas of expertise:
• Organizational Needs Analysis
• Talent Development and Employee Engagement
• Core-Competency Skill Development
• Team Development and Relationship Management
• Intrapersonal Assessments and Coaching
• Large Group Facilitation and Interventions
• Meeting Facilitation

Karen works with individuals and groups in organizations to determine what may be needed to improve relationships and increase effectiveness within an organization. She collaborates to plan and implement initiatives that introduce and encourage change. In 2013, Karen completed graduate work in Organization Development – she is committed to facilitating change among all levels of a system—individual, group and organization.

A veteran trainer and facilitator, Karen develops and delivers customized core-competency (soft skills) training for corporate, government and industrial clients. She has led performance improvement learning programs and facilitated meetings nationwide and abroad. Her additional areas of expertise include: process consulting, strategic and contingency planning and implementation, project management, interpersonal communication training, conference and meeting planning, leadership training and development and instructional design.

Known for dedication and tenacity, Karen’s style has been described as engaging and interactive. She probes audiences with thought provoking situations and questions, intending to elicit positive behavior and change. With a focus on process facilitation, Karen leads groups through meetings and retreats toward desired outcomes. She brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to a variety of clients.

• MSOD, American University/National Training Laboratory Institute
• Certified Management Trainer, Fred Pryor Resources, Inc.
• Mediation and Alternative Conflict Resolution, USDA Graduate School
• Trainer Certification, Dale Carnegie & Associates
• Advanced Facilitation, USDA Graduate School
• Certified Corporate Consulting, Image Resource Group
Project Descriptions
Facilitate groups associated with OD interventions; extensive training background that has migrated to facilitating learning vs. delivering training content. Current focus: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice learning programs.
Please list your relevant Academic Degrees (optional)
MSOD, Masters in Organization Development from American University, 2013.
Formal Facilitator Training
  • Graduate Level education/certification
  • Leadership Strategies Training
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  • DISC
  • Other
I began facilitating in
EQi 2.0
Language Proficiency
Sectors you work with
  • For Profit
  • Not-for-Profit
Companies/Organizations Supported
PwC, Veterans Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NASW Assurance Services, Inc., Drug Enforcement Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services – Health Resources Services Administration, American Psychological Association, Coakley Williams Construction, Inc., US Environmental Protection Agency, Sally Daniel Training Group, Inc., and the Federal Aviation Administration.
Six-Digit NAICS Code(s)
614330; 541611; 541612; 541613;

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