MAFN Strategic Framework 

What We Do: Mission

Our Desired Future: Vision

MAFN provides opportunities to:

  • Develop yourself - Enhance your skills, expertise, and professionalism as a facilitator
  • Develop Community - Connect with, support, and learn from colleagues
  • Develop your services - Expand business skills, connections, and opportunities to facilitate
  • Develop the profession - Promote the value of professional facilitation

MAFN is a vibrant, inclusive, and growing community of successful facilitators who continuously teach and learn innovative practices, and foster professionalism and credibility of our work with clients, organizations, and facilitators throughout the region and beyond.

Our Strategic Goals

Professional Development



Professional Credibility/Stature

Outcome: MAFN members are skilled, professional, and continuously learning about the field and practice of facilitation

Outcome: MAFN has a welcoming environment to forge professional relationships. This will include members knowing one another’s talents; supporting one another’s professional aspirations; and regularly providing mentorship, referrals, and facilitation opportunities to their colleagues

Outcome: MAFN has sustaining financial resources, volunteer leadership, brand identity, and strong organizational relationships. It operates with professionalism, transparency, and ethical rigor, providing value to its members and service to the local facilitator community

Outcome: Facilitators are appreciated in the region’s marketplace for the extraordinary value their services provide to organizations



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