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DC Workshop Series 2017-2018

Get fresh ideas and learn new ways to improve your facilitation skills at MAFN’s Workshop Series.  The sessions begin in September 2017.  This year, we will offer 9 three-hour sessions and one full-day offering in May.  These workshops provide opportunities to network with peers and experts in the facilitation field while gaining valuable continuing education and skills development.  To learn more about MAFN and its workshops visit www.mafn.org.


 Applying System Theory to Facilitate Group-Level Interventions

September 29: Michael Broom.  Imagine a series of meetings where one person regularly dominates the discussions.  In this workshop, you will improve your group-level interventions in ways that address the underlying systemic issues that cause these challenging situations.  We will explore practical applications of system theories.

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Others

October 27: Mark Sachs.  Boundary setting in organizations and with clients can be difficult.  These issues may surface in a variety of interactions, especially in meetings.  This session will provide you with an opportunity to learn techniques to establish and maintain boundaries with the client system so you and your client will be better positioned to succeed.

Incorporating Improv Techniques into Your Facilitation Style

November 17: Strother Gaines.  This session will provide you with an opportunity to learn a wide variety of improvisational techniques to punch up your facilitation style and engage your audience more effectively.  By learning improv, you’ll be more comfortable responding to unplanned twists and hiccups while engaging your participants in a dynamic and captivating ways.

Neuroscience, Facilitation and You

December 15: Jim White.  One of our most highly rated webinar presenters is joining us in person this year.  Jim’s back to more fully explore current breakthroughs in neuroscience and their implications for facilitation.  Specifically, we will explore the Physics of Facilitation©, explore a U.S. government client case study highlighting neuroscience design, and engage in an experiential activity that brings together a various neuroscience principles.

How to Become the Chief Marketing Officer of Your Personal Brand

January 26: Jennifer Ransaw Smith.  Whether you work as an internal facilitator or have your own consulting firm, developing your personal brand is critical to your success.  This session will provide you with tools and strategies to leverage your expertise to differentiate yourself from your colleagues, elevate your profile, and increase your visibility.

Listening Our Shared World into Being

February 23: Rosa Zubizaretta.  We will engage in an experiential taste of Dynamic Facilitation and how groups can explore highly-charged issues in an emotionally safe and creative way.  Used in Europe, Dynamic Facilitation is an effective way to work across silos and with multi-stakeholder groups to tap the creative potential of differences.

Engaging and Energizing Participants Using Liberating Structures

March 23: Erin Stock and Mae Cooper.  Liberating Structures create a safe space to amplify all voices and unleash innovation in groups of any size.  In this quick-paced session, you will engage in a variety of Liberating Structure practices to both reflect on your work and learn more about these techniques and how they energize participants.

Expanding Your Disruptors Toolkit

April 27: Chris Berendes.  Disruption and conflict are facts of life in facilitated meetings, especially public ones. They can be distracting, even destructive. What if you could make that disruptive energy productive, while maintaining your composure and reputation? This session will focus on the Respect/Protect/Sustain model for channeling disruption, help you organize your disruptor skills; and provide opportunities to practice them.


Incorporating Interactive Techniques into Your Facilitation Style – FULL DAY SESSION

May 18: Thiagi (aka Sivasailam Thiagarajan).  Looking for strategies to enliven your facilitation style?  We will explore how you can engage and energize meeting participants on the journey to achieving key objectives.  From ice breakers to wrap up, we will experience techniques you can use in a wide variety of sessions. 

Squirms – Learning from our Darkest Facilitation Moments

June 22: Bill Yoder, Patrick Tallarico, and Laura Holbrook.  Back by popular demand!  This is your chance to: reflect on your most challenging facilitation moments; assess lessons learned; and hear feedback from others on alternative ideas and approaches that will expand your facilitation toolbox.


For details of individual events, see our Event Listing page.


All sessions are held on Fridays at GAO building (441 G St, NW, Washington, DC) from 9:00 AM to Noon. Breakfast and networking begin at 8:30 AM.

Metro: Judiciary Square, Red Line.



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