DC Workshop Series 2016-2017

Fresh ideas and new ways to improve your facilitation skills at MAFN’s Workshop Series, 10-three-hour sessions beginning in September 2016. These learning sessions offer networking with your peers and experts in the facilitation field while gaining valuable continued education and skills development.  Click on any of the individual sessions to register, or take advantage of discounted pricing to purchase the whole series.

Reduce Meeting Time with Six Thinking Hats

September 30: Leslie Schrieber.  Six Thinking Hats is a problem solving tool and idea generator that uses a method called Parallel Thinking.  Studies have shown that the Six Hats method can yield a five-fold increase in the quantity and quality of thinking and reduce meeting times by fifty percent.  Come learn how to think differently and be more productive when tasked with making group decisions.

Leverage the Power of Story Telling

October 28: Bill Olsen. This hands-on program explores how to tell stories, how to get participants to tell stories, and how to use it to enhance participation and learning. Enhance your communication effectiveness while learning the principles of storytelling and metaphors and their impact on participation, attention & understanding. Learn new techniques that enhance engagement, collaboration and buy-in.

Generation Translation – Working Effectively Across Generations

November 18: Hile Rutledge. Learn what defines each of the five generations and explore the unique perspectives each brings to the topics of technology, authority, communication, work ethics and professional development.  Broaden your generational toolkit and discover ways to communicate with each generation, learn how generational awareness and sensitivity can improve operational effectiveness.

Not your Grandma’s Webinar: Making Online Workshops Interactive!

December 16: Becky Roberts. Participants will explore the opportunities and challenges posed when conducting workshops in an online environment, and develop strategies and techniques for planning and executing workshops that hold participants' attention and keep them actively involved.  We will address how to design for engagement and how to engage participants throughout the life-cycle of a workshop.

Getting More from Pre-Facilitation Interviews

January 27: Tom Pickett.  This workshop focuses on better leveraging interviews prior to a facilitation engagement.  We will explore the short and long-term intent and impact of interviews, study the types of questions that are effective and impactful vs. less so, and develop an understanding of how interviews can impact workshop design, improve client relationships, and uncover areas for possible follow-on work.

Mapping Visions of Change

February 24: Brian Tarallo. Every change model includes sharing a clear vision.  But how do you share a complex vision in a way that’s clear and engaging? Participants will learn how to facilitate groups toward creating vision maps -- graphic representations of a shared vision.  They will also learn and practice: mind mapping, clustering, and other techniques for engaging and gathering feedback from stakeholders.

Addressing and Embracing Conflict

March 31: Jane Connor. Many seek to avoid or deflect conflict without addressing the fundamental underlying issues. Participants will learn to explore the unmet needs in conflict situations and develop skills to better illuminate misunderstandings and differing perceptions, facilitate mutual understanding, and enable the creation of solutions that address the needs and concerns of all.

Stakeholder Management Strategies to Overcome Resistance to Change

April 28: Linda Howard. Choosing strategies to overcome resistance often depend on the how much is known about the change, its impacts, and the motivations of particular stakeholders. During this workshop, we will explore techniques to: 1) Recognize the signs of resistance, 2) Understand why people are resisting the change, and 3) Explore strategies to turn challengers into supporters of the change.

Squirms - Learning from our Darkest Facilitation Moments

May 19: Patrick Tallarico, Bill Yoder, Laura Holbrook. Although each of us does our best to be prepared for every event we facilitate, sometimes things happen that throw  us off our game. This session will engage participants in identifying their most challenging facilitation moments, assessing lessons learned, getting feedback from others on alternative ideas and approaches, and exploring the art of taking care of ourselves during stressful situations.

“Process-Based Facilitation”: An Overview of the 12 Principles

June 23: Wayne Vick, Cynthia Pace, Dawn Rhine, Charles D Markert. The 12 Principles of Facilitation are the heart of facilitation in action. Abiding by these principles makes the values of facilitation real. Participants will explore practices that demonstrate alignment between facilitator behavior and the Principles. Co-authors will engage the group in learning activities associated with each of the principles.

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All sessions are held on Fridays at GAO building (441 G St, NW, Washington, DC) from 8:30 am to noon.
Metro: Judiciary Square, Red Line.

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