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Call for Proposals

The MAFN Workshop Committee is looking at the topics on this page for the 2018-2019 MAFN DC Facilitator Workshop Series which runs from September 2018 through June 2019. The Committee is searching for presenters for the following topics.

Workshop Topics 

•    Building a facilitation business – marketing, project management, contracting, business models
•    Comparison and strengths / weaknesses of various session participant assessment instruments (MBTI, DISC, EQ, Insights, etc.)
•    Pre-session participant data collection techniques, i.e. interviews, surveys, focus groups
•    Graphic facilitation and recording techniques and tools
•    Facilitating large-scale organizational change or transformation
•    Facilitating with remote attendees
•    Facilitating strategic and scenario planning
•    Facilitating Agile development process
•    Facilitating groups including those with disabilities
•    Facilitating to build group trust and resilience
•    Facilitating to address or resolve conflict
•    Dealing with diversity and inclusion
•    Leveraging facilitation technologies and platforms, i.e., e-Systems
•    Experiential activities, i.e. improvisation, liberating structures, Legos-Serious Play


If you are interested in presenting one or more of these topics, or a topic not on the list, please send an initial email to MAFN Workshop Committee members, Perry Pockros, letting him know of your interest and potential topics.

After the initial email, please fill out the Proposal Submission Form and submit it no later than June 30, 2018.  
Your proposal(s) will be reviewed by the Workshop Committee; and if accepted, you will be formally invited to present the topic.

MAFN Workshop Series

The Workshop Series is focused to provide current topics of interest to business and group facilitators in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Ten workshops, each three hours in length, will be provided to a group of 25 to 50 facilitators, ranging from novices to experts. These workshops are given in a large room that can be set up to meet the workshop presenter’s needs. The workshops should be highly interactive and inclusive, and aimed at broadening the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the participants. Workshop participants include MAFN members and non-members.   

Presenter Benefits

The MAFN Board of Directors recognizes the level of effort and time involved in presenting a workshop.  PD Workshop presenter expenses are reimbursed (receipts required) and provided with free registration to future Online Webinars and up to 3 D.C. workshops.   Other benefits, terms and conditions may be specified in the MAFN Presenters Guidelines and Agreement which will be provided after your proposal is submitted and accepted by the PD Workshop Committee.    


Contact Perry Pockros.

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